Limited Edition Wines

Limited Edition Wines

Our limited edition wines represent the best of what Northern Vineyards does in any given vintage and are limited to the best 5 barrels of that wine.

Downtown Red

Downtown Red is a dry, barrel-aged red made from 100% Marquette grapes grown in Minnesota. A lighter juicy red it has flavors of blackberry and notes of oak, vanilla, and spice. This wine pairs very well with Pizza or roasted salmon.
12.5% alcohol

Lauras Laughter

Laura’s Laughter is a semi-sweet, unoaked white wine made from the Laura’s Laughter grape grown in Wisconsin. Light, sweet, and surprisingly crisp, this wine has lemon and lime flavors and a finish that conjures ripe pears. This will be the last vintage of Laura’s Laughter.
12.5% alcohol

Minnesota Old Vines

Minnesota Old Vines is a dry, full-bodied red made from Marechal Foch grapes planted in 1976 in Welsh, MN. With a bit of an oak flavor and some spice, which is rounded out with a strawberry jam finish. This wine is most similar to a Shiraz and is our staff’s favorite red.
12.5% alcohol

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